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Deep Purple
Deep Purple is an English rock band formed in Hertfordshire in 1968. Together with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath they are considered to be heavy metal pioneers. Especially influential to heavy metal were Ian Gillan's powerful screams and Ritchie Blackmore's virtuoso solos. Deep Purple were also very influential to progressive rock.
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Deep Purple
Soldier of Fortune

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Download Deep Purple - Soldier of Fortune MIDI
Download Deep Purple - Soldier of Fortune MP3
1RemixedElectric Guitar (clean)
2RemixedElectric Bass (finger)
3RemixedRock Organ
4RemixedAcoustic Guitar (nylon)
5RemixedAcoustic Guitar (nylon)
6RemixedAcoustic Guitar (nylon)
7RemixedAcoustic Guitar (nylon)
8RemixedAcoustic Grand
9RemixedAcoustic Grand
10RemixedDrum Kit
11RemixedTremolo Strings
13RemixedElectric Guitar (jazz)
14RemixedElectric Guitar (jazz)
MIDI Format
Ticks per quarter 384 
Length 3:18 
Genre Rock 
Uploader wepelias
Date Added 1/7/10