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K Ci And Jojo
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K Ci And Jojo
All My Life

We are currently converting all of our MIDI's using the much improved soundset.
Please check back soon!!

Download K Ci And Jojo - All My Life MIDI
1drum 26Acoustic Guitar (steel)
234Electric Bass (finger)
36Electric Piano 2
431Distortion Guitar
531/2Distortion Guitar
726Acoustic Guitar (steel)
849String Ensemble 1
9==========Unknown Instrument
10all my Drum Kit
11lifeUnknown Instrument
12byUnknown Instrument
13k-ci &Unknown Instrument
14jojoUnknown Instrument
15>>>>>>>>>>Unknown Instrument
16sequencedUnknown Instrument
17byUnknown Instrument
18??????????Unknown Instrument
19retouchedUnknown Instrument
20byUnknown Instrument
21markus414Unknown Instrument
22@aol.comUnknown Instrument
23<<<<<<<<<<Unknown Instrument
24markusUnknown Instrument
MIDI Format
Ticks per quarter 384 
Length 4:00 
Genre General 
Uploader indigobanana
Date Added 17/8/13